The proof is in: BID Group’s turnkey mills deliver top quartile profitability compared to other existing sawmills. With reduced construction and ramp-up periods, your mill provides a quicker payback and improved return on capital.

Our turnkey approach reduces owner effort, risk, and wasted money resulting in a modern and top-performing mill right out of the gate. And, BID Group is the only company in our industry proven to effectively design, fabricate, install, and commission both large and small capital projects.

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BID Construction

Founded in 1983, BID Construction has provided the foundation for what the BID Group is today. Over the decades, the team at BID Construction has set the bar high for project quality and timeliness for all other BID Group companies. Our reputation rests on our superior work ethic and our ability to finish every job on time and on budget.

BID Construction specializes in:

  • Industrial projects, primarily in the forestry,
    mining and oil & gas sectors
  • Lumber manufacturing
  • OSB plants Green energy systems
  • General equipment installation and maintenance

We have demonstrated time and again our ability to find solutions that fit our customers’ unique requirements.


From planning and project detailing to fabrication, installation and maintenance, BID Construction can provide services for every stage of your project. With our comprehensive line of equipment and abundance of experience in the field, we possess the manpower, expertise, infrastructure and leadership necessary to complete projects of any size or duration.

Building on three decades of experience, BID Construction employs specialized engineers, expert designers/CAD professionals and dedicated administrative staff. Our large field crews include certified and apprentice millwrights, welders, fabricators, carpenters and crane operators, many of whom have worked at almost every mill site in BC.