We provide our valued customers industry leading solutions by delivering a complete range of innovative equipment, digital technologies, turnkey installations and aftermarket services


Building a world class team based on respect, honesty and professionalism
Innovative and disruptive in our thinking, strategy and execution
Devoted to serving our customers and ensuring the health and wellness of our people





The BID Group is one of the only integrated companies in North America that can manage every step of a project to its completion including start-up and after-sale service. With a diverse line of sawmill equipment, BID offers a wide range of products to satisfy all our customers’ needs. Whether it is the high speed, leading technology and specific solutions from Comact, green energy from Deltech, or hardwood solutions from PHL, we will provide you with whatever you need. Our engineering, project management and construction groups provide you with the capability and flexibility to execute any project of any size.


BID’s manufacturing locations in British Columbia, Washington State, Quebec, and South Carolina encompass the main sawmilling regions of North America, significantly lowering the total cost of delivery that comes with building a mill. Our office facilities, located in Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec City, St. George, and Prince George, are all strategically based in cities with exceptional universities and amenities that attract the wide range of talent we need.


Privately owned since its inception in 1983, and with top management personnel having an average tenure of 25 years in the forestry industry, the BID Group has an industry leading reputation of excellence thanks to our long term, committed team.


Our continued commitment to research and development is essential for long term growth of the forestry industry. Widely recognized for our ability to develop tradespeople beyond their standard fields, BID attracts and employs a wide range of professional disciplines because of this.


Over the past 5 years, BID has had a number of strategic acquisitions (Miller Mfg, McGehee, MoCo, and Vibra-Pro) to complement the first additions to the organization – Comact, DelTech and PHL. BID has expanded into the Southern US and the Pacific Northwest, and has tripled the number of our facilities (5 to 15). And we don’t plan on stopping there. With plans to expand into new markets and industries and move outside of North America, BID is sure to become a global power thanks to our technology and innovative thinking.