PHL is the hardwood, white pine and softwood customization specialist for personalized mill solutions. Whether for primary or secondary breakdown, or for optimizing edgers and resaws, PHL’s broad range of products meets the requirements of any market segment thanks to its clear, refined engineering of simple, efficient equipment.

Established in Quebec over 40 years ago, the company has been offering solutions to the local market, as well as internationally, ever since. PHL’s excellent reputation in the industry rests on its team’s personalized approach and the sound relationship of trust it fosters with its clients.

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phl by bid group

“We chose PHL to be one of the key equipment suppliers for our new Owego NY hardwood sawmill because of the people. From our past experience with PHL, we knew they made excellent equipment, and that they were known for legendary trouble free startups. But this mill presented unique challenges that had to be met in very short time frame. The folks at PHL did not disappoint.

We were installing our headrigs while we were still finalizing the design of the outfeed for the horizontal resaw. The startups went smoothly. PHL’s staff was very responsive and helpful during the debugging process.”

– Bruce Richards, Wagner Lumber