Work Progressing at Elko Sawmill Project

July 2013
Upgrades to the sawmill’s debarker including new barker infeed roll, centering belt conveyor and refurbished barker infeed conveyor are complete. As well, west line cut-to-length infeed transfer decks are now tied into the west debarker.

The main planermill building is now complete, along with all maintenance shops and interior offices.

The equipment for the main line (“Line 1”) has been fully installed and tested and is now running at full capacity. Kilns are up and running. Work on Line 2 is progressing. The existing sorter is being refurbished and re-installed in the new building and will also be tied into new Comact equipment for the Cut N2 line.

Previous update May 2013
The main planermill building (51,600 sq ft) is nearing completion. Interior offices are also nearing completion.

Main sorter line equipment (Comact, SEC, NCL Engineering) has been installed, including package outfeed, sorter infeed, Gradex(TM) and trimmer. Preliminary runs of lumber through planer have begun. Concrete for kilns and chip system is complete. Construction and installation of sawdust suction system for planer is progressing.

Previous Update March 2013
It’s been a busy month for the Elko site Planermill upgrade.

The concrete building foundations and equipment foundations for the entire planermill portion of the project was completed. Building erection has started at the planer infeed and is approximately one-third complete.

Mechanically, the tilt hoist and SEC stick collection system were installed, as well as the operating floor equipment for planer infeed and planer outfeed. The assembly of the main sorter is complete and is also progressing for the main stacker.

Previous Update February 2013
The BID Group’s work at Canfor’s Elko Sawmill in the Kootenay Region of BC is underway.

The Elko project consists of upgrades to the sawmill, increased kiln drying capacity and construction of a greenfield planer mill complex. Includes a Comact GradExpert and a Gilbert Planer Machine. Our Nechako Mechanical division is fabricating the structural steel, main sorter, lumber infeed and package handling equipment. Our SEC division is building the tilt hoist and lumber stacker as well as designing controls for the lumber infeed and package handling equipment.

BID currently has 20 direct and contract employees on site and that number is expected to peak at about 100 before completion in June of this year. On-site leaders are Phil White and Kris Redekop.

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