MoCo Engineering & Fabrication of Spokane, Washington was established in 1995 from an increasing demand to provide customer service and support for existing Lunden Stackers. Combining that service with a vison of what makes a Stacker perform successfully – MoCo developed what has become the most reliable Stacker System in the industry with the most precise and consistent stickering applied to each package of lumber.

Reduce Lumber Degrade
Our patented ‘Square Lift’ Stick Distribution System handles poorer quality sticks better than any other stick system on the market. With this stick laying process, sticks can be consistently placed within a ½” deviation of a vertical column throughout the stacked unit. This greatly reduces lumber degrade due to checking and other defects caused by improper stick positioning.

Custom Built to Exactly Suit Your Stacker Requirements
MoCo will accommodate variations in stick dimensions, stick spacing and overall package size for every system. The proven regenerative Servo Drive System eliminates hydraulics to provide a more consistent performance and a reduction in energy usage of up to 50% compared to a conventional hydraulic drive system. Along with the many options available to handle a wide range of lumber for both hardwood and softwood applications, MoCo Stackers are designed to make your lumber stacking process successful. Ask us how!

Standard Features

  • Electronic Cam Synchronized Motion Control precise control of the lumber
  • Patented Automatic Stick Distribution System – proven design for the highest uptime in the industry
  • Touch Screen Recipe Control – configurable custom settings for each product
  • Graphic User Interface Torque Monitoring – detects unsupported loads
  • Fully Shop Tested – every machine is mechanically & electrically test run prior to shipment

Optional Features

  • Course Skewing And Narrow Package Assembly
  • Adjustable Package Width Forming – for stable packages with smooth faces
  • Air Gapping – provides an air space all the way around each piece for more uniform drying
  • Secondary Lift – reduced cycle time for increased production
  • Drop Out Tipple – to eliminate broken or mis-sorted boards from the load
  • Negative 1′ sticker location – for support in odd length loads
  • Side Load Bulk Chains
  • Box Piling – for mixed board lengths
  • Custom Stick Spacing And Stick Pattern Recipes


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