Twin Bandsaw

  • picture of Twin Bandsaw
  • picture of Twin Bandsaw
  • picture of Twin Bandsaw

This piece of equipment by PHL is likely to interest mills with limited available room.  Since the twin bandsaws are mounted right onto chipper-canter frame, the footprint generated by this system is just about as small as can be.

  • Offered with shifting saws of 63” or 72”
  • Upper saw blade guide features hydraulic or pneumatic setworks
  • Phenolic guide blocks or pneumatic saw blade guides
  • Close-coupled quad configuration possible
  • Saw setworks controlled by servo-cylinders
  • Automatic lubrication on slideways, in saw guides, and on saw blades
  • Independent setworks for bandsaws and canters for enhanced versatility
  • Canter system with the same features as chipper-canter
  • Elevated hydraulic pressure perfectly suited for hardwood sawing
  • Can be adapted in such a way as to meet the individual needs of existing sawmills