Suspension Burner system

  • picture of Suspension Burner system
  • picture of Suspension Burner system

Vortex, multi-stage combustion process. The burner is designed with a primary multi-stage horizontal combustion chamber and multi-zone secondary vertical retention chamber, allowing for an efficient high-performance clean burn process. The system temperatures and retention time is controlled to maximize the consumption of the fuel and minimize carryover into the user.

The system is supplied with a fully integrated PLC control system coupled to the heat user, allowing a seamless operation and full control.

Multi-stage combustion process, controlling the final the complete combustion resulting in reduction of:

  • CO
  • Particulate
  • NOx
  • Controlling the output temperatures within a narrow range, allowing for the user process to be optimized for the application

System capacities
– 25MM Btu/hr.
– 25 Mm Btu/hr.
– 45Mm Btu/hr.
– 60 MM Btu/hr.