• picture of Optistick

OptiStick allows you to eliminate low quality sticks without human intervention!

  • Improves stick hopper operation and stick positioning
  • Increases uptime by cutting down on jams in the process
  • Contributes to improving product quality since drying is more even thanks to enhanced positioning of sticks in bundles
  • Geomatrical scanner
  • Two pre-calibrated 3DPro laser heads
  • Accurate measurement of the stick based on 127 reading points
  • Accurate measurement of bow and crook
  • Skew detection;
  • Filtering of minor geometrical defects to avoid over detection
  • Optimization software that identifies non-compliant sticks
  • Stick assessment based on your criteria
  • Low maintenance
  • Can easily be retofitted to an existing stick system
  • Works with different stick sizes
  • Line speed of up to 130 ft/min