OLI-CS3 Optimized Infeed for Primary Breakdown

  • picture of OLI-CS3 Optimized Infeed for Primary Breakdown

The shortest, most optimezed infeed in the world

  • Short enough to be easily introduced into practically any existing installation
  • Perfect for optimal log positioning feeding canters, twin saws, and quad saws
  • Real-time log rotation monitoring built into system
  • Segmented optimal position monitoring performed by C2-Scan scanners
  • Multi-axial shifts and skews as well as firm log gripping for an even more profitable breakdown
  • Several press rolls maintain small logs perfectly in place regardless of knots and flare butts
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Electric variable speed drive with motors mounted on fixed bases for longer useful life
  • Used in high-speed applications for small and large logs
  • Proven on various wood species
  • Sturdy frame, standard industrial components, and hassle-free warranty from the world leader
  • Shorter feed system (MLI) also available