Gas Fueled Process Heater

  • picture of Gas Fueled Process Heater
The heating plant is an updraft natural gas fired helical-coil heat exchanger producing a net output from 10MM Btu/hr. to 45 MMBtu/hr of thermal energy. The heating coil is a robust design, using schedule 40 pipe wound to a four coil (two inner and two outer) configuration resulting in a triple flue gas pass. The heat transport fluid is circulated through the heaters and out to the heat users. The heater is equipped with a mass differential flow measuring switch to monitor heat transport flow and with individual temperature safety probes on each heat exchanger coil exit point.
The heating plant control is a stand-alone system using a PLC and a Human Machine Interface. The burner comes complete with a dedicated burner management system that complies with prescriptive regulations. The system is fully automated and typically only requires minor parameter changes by plant engineers.

  • Helical Coil design
  • Multi-pass for maximum heat transfer efficiency
  • Options on multi heat transport fluids
  • High tern-down ratios
  • Numerous safety features incorporated into the overall design

The system is designed per the end user requirements with capacity ranging from 10 MM Btu/hr. to 45 MM Btu/hr.