• picture of Chipper-Canter
  • picture of Chipper-Canter
  • picture of Chipper-Canter

The PHL chipper-canter is a highly-versatile piece of equipment designed to be added to various sawing line configurations.  The chipper-canter can readily be coupled with a piece of sawing equipment, such as a twin saw, quad saw, circular saw, or band saw, or then again, it can be fed straight from one of PHL’s various infeed systems adapted to your requirements.

  • Offered with chipping heads of either 18” or 24”
  • Conical or modular heads
  • Motor-driven heads of at least 100 HP
  • Linear setworks with hydraulic movement on each module
  • Optional built-in saw
  • Completely mounted on a single machined steel base
  • Throughput of over 550 fpm
  • Displacement on round, automatically-lubricated, chromed rails
  • Easy access for maintenance and knife replacement
  • Operation with various types of knives
  • Optimized, controlled chip evacuation
  • Minimum maintenance


Infeed System
PHL infeed systems for canter-chippers can be configured in various ways in order to satisfy client requirements.

  • Horizontal rolls on either side of feed chain featuring clockwise or counterclockwise rotation and off-centering
  • Model with log turner and step chain infeed system