Bull Edger

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  • picture of Bull Edger
  • picture of Bull Edger

With nearly 150 bull edgers in operation, PHL is one of the leading North-American manufacturers of this type of machinery.  PHL gang edgers have been totally redesigned from their original version and now feature CNC-machined parts.

  • Electric or hydraulic linear saw setworks
  • Offered either with strobe saws or guided saws
  • Saw module offered with single or double arbors
  • Various configurations available upon request
  • For both softwood and hardwood


Infeed System
PHL edger infeed systems can be configured various ways in order to meet individual client needs.

  • Positioning of core wood and cants either manually or with an optimizer
  • Two motor-driven press rolls with transfer chain to carry core wood and cants towards positioning rods
  • Fully-manual infeed table with independent transfer chains