Automatic Cutter Head Positioning System (Set Works) Upgrade

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Automatic Cutter Head Positioning System

This upgrade provides the ability to accurately position the top and sideheads to customer-defined set points with the touch of a button via key-pad operator interface. The system allows breakups and jams to be cleared quickly and efficiently while providing accurate control of product dimension.

With setworks on both sideheads it allows for offset, and skip adjustment while still maintaining board size. For example, say you need to take .030” more off of the guide side, both sides will move the .030” at the same time to keep your board size correct.

We also offer sidehead positive locking system which incorporates two 5 ton hydraulic cylinders below the carrier plate on the outside corner wedges. We also eliminate the need for the single horizontal screw with the inherent shifting side to side and slack problems.

Bedplate setworks allows for fine tuning on bedplate height without entering the planer room.