Lumber Drying Kilns

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  • picture of Lumber Drying Kilns
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DelTech produces state of the art drying systems with production capacities ranging from 60MM to 160MM BFM/yr. Typically each customer has unique drying requirements; which are analyzed by our experts to provide a drying solution that is sized and engineered to best meet the needs of the customer. Our kilns can be heated directly using low NOx natural gas fueled burners, sloped grate green sawdust burners or dry fuel suspension burners. On sites with centralized heating plants such as thermal oil, steam or even hot water, multi-zoned indirect heating systems are utilized within the kiln.

System is design with the various fuels based heating options:

  • Direct fired Low NOx Gas burner system
  • Direction heated using flue gas from low NOx gas burners; green sawdust gasification burner to dry shavings suspension burner system
  • Indirect heated using low temperature hot water, steam and high temperature Thermal Oil
  • System is designed to allow for the reversal of CE&HR chamber fans, generating an optimum final drying process, resulting in low standard deviation and a higher-grade product
  • Stainless steel rail through the entire length
  • Sidewall located temperature sensors and electronic wet bulbs, eliminating the need to use water style systems
  • Designed with the customer needs in mind
  • Unique pusher system, specially designed to precisely control the movement of the wood through the drying process
  • The most accurate load push distance on the market, using a patent pending measurement process
  • Aluminum, stainless and carbon steel chamber construction process, allowing for various operating temperature range, generating flexibility for drying various wood species
  • Production volumes ranging from 60MM BFM to 165MM BFM/year.
  • Operating temperatures between 180°F and 250°F