Work Nearing Completion at Mackenzie Mill Site

September 2013
Our Mackenzie site job is nearing completion.

The log sort area is running. Logs are going through the debarker and accumulating in the sort new decks.

For the canter lines, removal of old canters and demolishing of existing support steel has been completed. The new canter support frames have been installed for the two new canters, as well as the new canters themselves, and they are now operational. Work on the canter residual system is in progress and the canter building extension is nearing completion.

A new building is being installed over the sorter; construction is more than halfway done. The trimmer and bin sort area are up and running and are undergoing final touches. Final touches are also in the works for walkways, chuting, lighting and wiring. A fire protection pit has also been completed.

Previous Update June 2013
June was another busy month at our Mackenzie site.

For the log infeed area, equipment support steel has been erected and is nearing completion. As well, installation of the log infeed equipment has begun. All the equipment steel support structures have been erected for the sorter trimmer line and the new mechanical equipment has been put in place and being tested. Concrete and steel for the stacker area is nearing completion and equipment is being put in place.

The debarker building area has been excavated and the new building footings and equipment foundations have been poured. Canter support frame foundation has begun in the basement of the mill.

Demolition of kiln canopy and removing of old planermill offices and equipment is nearing completion (for new stacker area equipment).

Previous Update May 2013
Our Mackenzie project has seen many project milestones in recent weeks.

The chipper and chip screen area installations are complete, including resurfacing of the operating floor. Significant progress has been made on the extension of the trimmer building, including completion of the concrete slab and structural steel.

Installation of the lumber sorter has commenced. All new fabricated sorter bins (Nechako Mechanical) have arrived and are being erected on the new sorter concrete. As well, log infeed area has been prepared and the foundations for this equipment have been poured.

Previous Update March 2013
March was a busy month for BID at the Mackenzie Sawmill upgrade and modernization project. A significant re-orientation of the mill’s layout meant lots of demolition work to make way for the moving around of existing machines and/or installation of new and refurbished sections.

This past month, our crews demolished the old headrig infeed to make room for the new cut-to-length infeed and debarker area. They also surveyed and mapped out the new areas for the upgraded stacker stick system and the new edger return/re-entry from the new trimline.

Crews are nearing completion of the chipper/screening area which included new concrete footings, structural steel, two chippers and two refurbished chip screens.

Demolition also continues on the old planermill.

Previous Update February 2013
The BID Group’s work at Canfor’s Mackenzie Facility is underway.

BID currently has 30 direct and contract employees on site and that number is expected to peak at about 100. Expected completion of the sawmill is for September 2013 and October 2013 for the planermill.

Project work is being done in concert by NCL Engineering, Nechako Construction, Nechako Mechanical (Fabrication), SEC (Fabrication/Controls) and Comact (Fabrication/Controls). On-site leaders are Neil Hutt and Tony Mendes.

The project includes a cut-to-length log infeed with high-speed debarkers, new log sort system with electric kickers, two new Comact OLI-TBL3 canter lines with Comact controls, upgraded board edgers, new high-speed sorter and stacker line, upgrades to chip system and residual system, the addition of deep pile infeed and the Comact GradExpert to existing idled planer line.

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