The BID Service team is committed to continuing its support. A message to our valued customers:

BID Service

Ensure your sawmill will be operational for many years to come. By offering routine maintenance, spare parts and tuning services, we help production stay in top shape. With our network of knowledgeable, efficient and professional technicians, as well as our team of specialists in mechanics, automation and optimization, we guarantee a quick response anywhere in the world.

BID Service offers unmatched response to the industry:

Call our response line 1-877-243-4443

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PARTS (Canada)
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Our 24/7 phone support ensures that, in the event of an emergency, your crisis will be dealt with immediately. After receiving your call, we assemble the resources needed to minimize the effects of production stoppage, as well as forward your request to one of our qualified technicians who will be able to help you. Our broad inventory of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical parts, and our promise of a fast delivery, ensures your mill will be running smoothly again as soon as possible.