BID Group Announces its Partnership with Cumul8 Technology

The BID Group of Companies (“BID Group”) is pleased to announce that Cumul8 division of Eight Solutions Inc. (CSE:ES) (“Eight” or “the Company”) have commenced planning to develop an industry-leading data visualization and analytic solution for the BID Group. This solution will use Cumul8 technology and be exclusively distributed by the BID Group throughout the North American forestry industry.

“One of our core values is customer service and support,” says Alistair Cook, CEO of the BID Group. “This partnership with Cumul8 will help us build a new set of standards for our customers that will move them to another level in terms of understanding raw data so they can make better-informed decisions faster and save time and money.”

The Cumul8–BID Group solution will provide a live, mobile, visual understanding of all the data being generated at the operating level both in individual mills and between mills. It allows users to gain a better understanding of their machine data and allows them to interpret that data in a meaningful way.

“This is an outstanding opportunity for BID and Eight to work together to solve a data analytics challenge in the forestry industry,” says Rory Armes, CEO of Eight Solutions. “Our goal is to equip BID Group with the right visual data analytic tools to assist their clients in understanding their individual company data, from the equipment on the ground floor right up to the executive offices.”

About Eight Solutions
Eight Solutions Inc. is a technology and software company led by a team of gaming industry veterans. The Company creates and develops elegant technology solutions where science and art are brought together to solve business challenges. Eight’s portfolio includes: Cumul8, a data analytics solution focused on data visualization and creating data narratives; Reelhouse, an online entertainment distribution community; and the Company’s award winning 3D technology division. For more information, visit