BID Group’s New Green Energy System at Canfor-Vavenby is Progressing

All pipe trusses, from the energy plant to the kiln, have been installed and foundations have begun for the hog conveyors.

The systems building has been erected and all primary and secondary piping has been installed.

The MCC’s have been installed and devices have been wired to the equipment.

Previous update August 2013
Assembly of energy system components is underway including furnace, heater and ash handling components. Furnace refractory has been installed. Installation of primary oil and drain fill piping components has commenced.

The wet fuel bin is currently being erected along with the hydraulic room and the truck hog bins are in the process of being erected with modifications to accept hog fuel.

The MCC/Control room interiors have been completed and are ready for MCC’s & VFD’s. Installation of electrical devices and cable trays has begun.

Previous update June 2013
Work is well underway now for a new Green Energy System at Canfor-Vavenby.

Deltech is converting the four existing lumber drying kilns to a Deltech Energy Plant – a thermal oil powered heating system. Ultimately, this will improve both lumber processing efficiencies and final product quality.

The system will include a hog system comprised of conveyors to transport wood waste to the new hog mill and energy plant as well as hog storage bins.

To date, crews have completed all layout, ground preparation and excavation, forms and rebar for the project. Work has also commenced on the underground water system (for fire protection and emergency cooling) and electrical work for transformer conduit and the motor control centre.